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Muhammad Ashraf, Ph.D
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08-George Daley

Muhammad Ashraf, Ph.D
University of Cincinnati
Professor, Pathology & Lab Med.
P.O. Box 670529
MSB 1253A
Cincinnati, Ohio 45267

Office # (513)558-0145

research focus: 

Myocardial regeneration based on stem cell transplantation. Induced pluripotent stem cells from myoblasts instead of fibroblasts with non viral techniques and microRNAs. To generate autologous and patient specific iPS cells for individualized cell therapy.

Recent publications: 
1) Xu, M., Kudo, M., Wani, M., Ashraf, M.: Differentiation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells into Cardiac Phenotype Requires Intercellular Communication with Myocytes. Circulation 110:2655-2665,2004; PMID: 15492307 2) Husnain Kh. Haider, Elmadbouh I, Jean-Baptiste Michel JB, Ashraf M. Non-viral vector gene modification of stem cells for myocardial repair. Mol Med. 14: 79-86; 2008. PMID: 17985003 3) Lu G, Haider HK, Jiang S, Ashraf M. Sca-1+ stem cell survival and engraftment in the infarcted heart: dual role for preconditioning-induced connexin-43. Circulation. 119:2587-96; 2009. PMID: 19414636 4) Ahmed R ,Haider K, Jiang S, Afzal M, Ashraf M . Sonic hedgehog gene delivery to the heart promotes angiogenesis via iNOS/Netrin-1/PKC pathway. PLoS ONE, ;5: e8576,2009. PMID: 20052412
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Muhammad Ashraf, Ph.D

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