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Mark A. Krasnow, M.D., Ph.D.
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Lead Principal Investigator
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Stanford University
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06-Mark Krasnow
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Dr. Krasnow is Professor and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry at Stanford University School of Medicine.
Mark Krasnow is elucidating the genetic programs that control embryonic development of the Drosophila respiratory system and mammalian lung. He is especially interested in the developmental patterning mechanisms and the cell and molecular biology of these processes, and in using the information to understand lung disease and to regenerate a lung.
Recent publications: 
Cell plasticity in lung injury and repair: report from an NHLBI workshop, April 19-20, 2010. Borok Z, Whitsett JA, Bitterman PB, Thannickal VJ, Kotton DN, Reynolds SD, Krasnow MA, Bianchi DW, Morrisey EE, Hogan BL, Kurie JM, Walker DC, Radisky DC, Nishimura SL, Violette SM, Noble PW, Shapiro SD, Blaisdell CJ, Chapman HA, Kiley J, Gail D, Hoshizaki D. Proc Am Thorac Soc. 2011 Jun;8(3):215-22. PMID: 21653526 Targeting Robo4-dependent Slit signaling to survive the cytokine storm in sepsis and influenza. London NR, Zhu W, Bozza FA, Smith MC, Greif DM, Sorensen LK, Chen L, Kaminoh Y, Chan AC, Passi SF, Day CW, Barnard DL, Zimmerman GA, Krasnow MA, Li DY. Sci Transl Med. 2010 Mar 17;2(23):23ra19. PMID: 20375003 Coronary arteries form by developmental reprogramming of venous cells. Red-Horse K, Ueno H, Weissman IL, Krasnow MA. Nature. 2010 Mar 25;464(7288):549-53. PMID: 20336138 Dual origin of tissue-specific progenitor cells in Drosophila tracheal remodeling. Weaver M, Krasnow MA. Science. 2008 Sep 12;321(5895):1496-9. Epub 2008 Jul 31. PMID: 18669822 Circulating blood cells function as a surveillance system for damaged tissue in Drosophila larvae. Babcock DT, Brock AR, Fish GS, Wang Y, Perrin L, Krasnow MA, Galko MJ. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Jul 22;105(29):10017-22. Epub 2008 Jul 16. PMID: 18632567
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Lung Group
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Mark A. Krasnow, M.D., Ph.D.

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