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Katherine Yutzey

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Katherine E. Yutzey, Ph.D
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Katherine E. Yutzey Ph.D
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Division of Molecular Cardiovascular Biology
3333 Burnet Ave.
ML 7020
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229

Office # (513)636-8340
Fax # (513)636-5958

research focus: 

Examination and manipulation of molecular regulatory mechanisms of heart cell lineage development and disease. Studies of cell lineage specification and maturation in the developing and diseased heart. Analysis of the molecular hierarchies that control the maturation of specific cell types including cardiomyocytes, valve progenitors, smooth muscle cells and fibroblasts in the heart. Expertise in cardiac progenitors characterization of cardiomyocytes experience in immunophenotypically, functionally and molecularly characterizing cardiomyocyte and valve progenitor cell populations from different sources including adult, neonatal, and embryonic cells.

Recent publications: 
1.) Lincoln, J., R. Kist, G. Scherer and K.E. Yutzey (2007) Sox9 is required for precursor cell expansion and extracellular matrix organization during mouse valve development. Dev. Biol. 305:120-132 2.) Shelton, E.L. and K.E. Yutzey. (2008) Twist1 function in endocardial cushion cell proliferation, migration and differentiation during heart valve development. Dev. Biol. 317:282-295 3.) Mead, T.J. and K.E. Yutzey (2009) Notch pathway regulation of chondrocyte differentiation and proliferation during appendicular and axial skeleton development. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 106:14420-14425 4.) Alfieri, C.M., J. Cheek, S. Chakraborty, and K.E. Yutzey (2010) Wnt signaling in heart valve development and osteogenic gene induction. Dev. Biol. 338:127-135
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Katherine E. Yutzey, Ph.D

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