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Main Groups
Group Description
Administrative Coordinating Center The PCBC Administrative Coordinating Center
Archive PCBC Archive
Bioinformatics Committee Bioinformatics Committee Information
Cell Characterization Core NHLBI is establishing a Cell Characterization Core to foster synergy and ensure comparability of cell lines being used across the Consortium.
Cell Characterization Priorities and Standards Committee Cell Characterization Priorities and Standards Committee Information
Consortium Investigators All PCBC investigators
Consortium Wide News and Events All news and events from all consortium groups
External Advisory Committee The External Advisory Committee (EAC) is responsible for assessing scientific progress across the PCBC.
NHLBI National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute representatives
PCBC Fellows and Post-docs The PCBC research and post-doctoral fellows
Skills Development Committee & Opportunities Skills Development Committee, Training Programs and Information
U01 Principal Investigators The PCBC's lead principal investigators
Research Hubs
Group Description
ESC Platelet Therapeutics Derived platelets as cellular therapeutics
iPS and Progenitor Cell Models Human pluripotent stem cell and progenitor cell models of cardiac and blood tissue
iPS Cells in Heart Disease Induced pluripotent stem cells in the understanding and treatment of heart disease
iPSC Hematologic and Vascular Therapies Basic and translational research of IPSC-based hematologic and vascular therapies
Microenvironmental Control of Progenitors Microenvironmental control of progenitors in organ dysfunction and repair
Progenitor Cells and their Niches Interrogation of individual cells to identify progenitor cells and their niches
Programming and Reprogramming: CV and HSC Fate Midwestern Progenitor Cell Consortium
Stem Cell Use in Heart Repair Optimizing cardiovascular stem cells for cardiac repair and regeneration
Wnt and Notch Progenitor Expansion Expansion of cardiac and hematopoietic progenitors by Wnt and Notch
Hub Sites
Group Description
HS01 - Poncz Hub Site Mortimer Poncz group from Children's Hospital in Philadelphia
HS02 - Thomson Hub Site James Thomson group from University of Wisconsin, Madison
HS03 - Friedman Hub Site Alan Friedman group from Johns Hopkins University
HS04 - Wu Hub Site Joseph Wu group from Stanford University
HS05 - Torok-Storb Hub Site Beverly Torok-Storb group from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
HS06 - Krasnow Hub Site Mark Krasnow group from Stanford University
HS07 - Weissman Hub Site Irving Weissman group from Stanford University
HS08 - Daley Hub Site George Daley group from Children’s Hospital Boston
HS09 - Bernstein Hub Site Irwin Bernstein group from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
HS10 - Cooke Hub Site John Cooke group from Houston Methodist Research Institute
HS11 - Hatzopoulos Hub Site Antonis Hatzopoulos group from Vanderbilt University
HS12 - Schneider Hub Site Jay Schneider group from The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
HS13 - Scadden Hub Site David Scadden group from Massachusetts General Hospital
HS14 - Morrisey Hub Site Edward Morrisey group from University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
HS15 - Srivastava Hub Site Deepak Srivastava group from J. David Gladstone Institutes
HS16 - Garry Hub Site Daniel Garry group from University of Minnesota
HS17 - Parker Hub Site Kevin "Kit" Parker group from Massachusetts General Hospital

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