Synthetic Genome Readers Target Clustered Binding Sites Across Diverse Chromatin States

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02-James Thomson
Graham S. Erwina, Matthew P. Grieshopa,1, Devesh Bhimsariaa,b,1, Truman J. Doa, José A. Rodríguez-Martíneza, Charu Mehtaa, Kanika Khannaa, Scott A. Swansonc, Ron Stewartc, James A. Thomsonc,d, Parameswaran Ramanathanb, and Aseem Z. Ansaria,d,2
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Original Research Article
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Dr. Aseem Ansari and colleagues in the Midwest PCBC Research Hub, reported that designer DNA-binding small molecules can associate with specific sites in repressive heterochromatin of human embryonic stem cells.

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