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PCBC Website Terms of Usage Guidelines

Consortium Membership Data Sharing Policies

Participants in the Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium (PCBC) will contribute to the goals of the consortium through open sharing of data and resources with Consortium members within the PCBC website. The Consortiums virtual Research Hubs and core research support facilities will work together, whenever possible, to coordinate research initiatives.

Resource Sharing Among PCBC Members

The PCBC requires the sharing of research resources (e.g. new mouse strains, progenitor cell lineages, reagents, strategies, protocols, bioinformatics tools and data) produced as part of the Consortium efforts with other PCBC-funded participants prior to the initial peer-reviewed publication describing development of the resources.
PCBC data sharing collaborations should be formalized through: 1) resource request to the originating investigator including full documentation for material transfer agreement; 2) written consent by the originating investigator; 3) agreement by collaborating investigators to include the primary investigator as a co-authorship on subsequent publications for requested resources and that any subsequent publication are submitted after the primary investigators publication for the resource; and 4) written agreement by requesting investigator that the requested resource will not be transferred to a third party.

The PCBC is committed to ensuring free and unencumbered sharing of information and resources within the consortium. Individuals found to be in breach of PCBC sharing policies may be subject to sanctions, including possible termination of their U19/U01 award by the NHLBI.

Resource Sharing with the Research Community

Sharing of Reagents and Intellectual Property Issues. Other research tools generated through PCBC funding, including renewable resources such as DNA constructs, monoclonal antibodies, genetically modified cell lines, etc., will be freely distributed upon request to qualified academic investigators for use in non-commercial research. PCBC investigators will adhere to the NIH Grants Policy on Sharing of Unique Research Resources including the NIH’s Office of Technology Transfer for disseminating biomedical research resources funded by NIH grants and contracts . PCBC consortium members shall utilize the “Simple Letter Agreement for the Transfer of Materials” specified in this document.

User Accounts

Currently, only PCBC consortium and approved members of the scientific community can obtain a username and password to the PCBC website. To obtain an account, contact the Administrative Coordinating Center at:

Notice: the PCBC Administrative Coordinating Center can remove any content or information posted on the PCBC website if it is considered to violates these policies.



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