Reprogramming Cell Fate with a Genome-Scale Library of Artificial Transcription Factors

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02-James Thomson
Asuka Eguchia,b, Matthew J. Wleklinskib, Mackenzie C. Spurgatb, Evan A. Heiderscheitb, Anna S. Kropornickab,c, Catherine K. Vub, Devesh Bhimsariab,d, Scott A. Swansone, Ron Stewarte, Parameswaran Ramanathand, Timothy J. Kampf, Igor Slukving,h, James A. Thomsone,i,j, James R. Duttonk, and Aseem Z. Ansarib,j,1
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Original Research Article
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Asuka Eguchi in Aseem Ansari’s laboratory has generated a genome-scale library of ATFs that display an engineered interaction domain (ID) to enable cooperative assembly and synergistic gene expression. They are glad to share this resource with the PCBC community. PNAS, December 2016


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