Phototactic Guidance of a Tissue-engineered Soft-Robotic Ray

Dr. Kit Parker and colleagues created a biohybrid system that enables an artificial animal—a tissue-engineered ray—to swim and phototactically follow a light cue. Their work is featured in the July 2016 issue of Science.

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17-Kit Parker
Sung-Jin Park1, Mattia Gazzola2,*, Kyung Soo Park3,4,†, Shirley Park5,‡, Valentina Di Santo6, Erin L. Blevins6,§, Johan U. Lind1, Patrick H. Campbell1, Stephanie Dauth1, Andrew K. Capulli1, Francesco S. Pasqualini1, Seungkuk Ahn1, Alexander Cho1, Hongyan Yuan1,||, Ben M. Maoz1, Ragu Vijaykumar5, Jeong-Woo Choi3,4, Karl Deisseroth5,7, George V. Lauder6, L. Mahadevan2,8, Kevin Kit Parker1,4,
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Original Research Article
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