PCBC Crowdsourcing

The PCBC is offering crowdsourcing as a method for U01 Hub Site investigators to solve discrete problems that have them stumped. Participation of bright and creative individuals in the PCBC provides considerable potential for crowdsourcing.

Investigators can describe the problems and what they expect in the way of effective solutions using a fillable form on the PCBC Crowdsourcing web page. The requester of the problem will suggest an appropriate quid pro quo (e.g., award and support, acknowledgment, authorship, etc.) relevant to the solution. Requester(s) and the offerer(s) must come to written agreement acceptable to their U01 Hub Site academic home institutions during discussion before the solution is released to the requester(s).

The PCBC Administrative Coordinating Center (PCACC) has created this web page, and it is accessible to consortium members and collaborators through the password protected portion of the PCBC website. This web page includes links to Problem and Solution Web forms.

If you have a problem you wish to submit, please click on the link below and submit your problem:

Crowdsourcing Problem Submission

Once the problem has been announced on the PCBC Website, consortium members and collaborators will then be given the option to review and respond to a request.

Click on the link below and login to review the submitted crowdsourcing problem(s):

Submitted Crowdsourcing Problems

PCACC is offering an open Forum for discussion among members of the PCBC for further illumination of the proposed problem and potential solutions. Use the Crowdsourcing Forum to interact with the requester and other discussants.

PCBC Website Account:

Contact Ms. Andrea Lefever alefever@epi.umaryland.edu (410) 706-4411 or Ms. Ling Tang at ltang@epi.umaryland.edu (410) 706-0261 to obtain a PCBC account.

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