PCBC Blog Charter

Purpose: To highlight major scientific achievements of the PCBC Consortium and make them accessible to the scientific community at large as well as to the general public.

Format: The blog will provide a summary highlighting novel findings reported in a recent publication out of laboratories that is part of the PCBC Consortium.  Included in the summary will be images from the paper that the blogger decides highlights the discoveries made from that work, possibly even a graphical abstract if he/she is so inclined.  The post will end with either an opinion statement or a question posed by the blogger to foster further discussion.

Authors: The blog requires volunteer fellow/trainees who are looking to expand their portfolios in the areas of writing, communication, and media.

Impact: The blog will allow members of the PCBC community to keep up with research being conducted in PCBC laboratories, possibly fostering future collaborations, as well as providing a forum for conversation on the high-impact science being conducted within the consortium.

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