Job Opportunity: Postdoctoral Fellow: Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Regenerative Medicine

The Sykes Lab is seeking one postdoctoral fellow to join their team.

The Sykes Lab is focused on myeloid development, and how this process goes awry in the setting of infection or malignancy to develop new treatments for patients with blood disorders, both benign (e.g., neutropenia), and malignant (e.g., leukemia).

They are particularly interested in projects with a therapeutic relevance, and currently seek a fellow with expertise to address the link between the drug brequinar (an inhibitor of the enzyme DHODH) and myeloid differentiation. Exploring the mechanism that links nucleotide synthesis and cell-fate decisions will be pursued using combination of genetic perturbation and metabolomics studies.

Ideal candidates will have experience in molecular biology, tissue culture, and mouse husbandry techniques.

Ideal candidates will love science, and will be passionate about learning. The Sykes Lab team is curious, meticulous, and organized. Collaboration and excellent communication skills are highly valued.

Interested candidates should email a CV and cover letter to David Sykes, c/o Alexa Vidalis (


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