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My research team's focus is on understanding cellular mechanotransduction in the heart. Specifically, we are interested in how extracellular matrix and cytoskeletal architecture potentiate and modulate the activation of mechanochemical and mechanoelectrical signaling pathways and genetic programs in cardiac cells and tissues. In order to study these mechanisms at different spatial scales, we use cellular and tissue engineering techniques that allow us to build custom-designed cardiac myocytes and ventricular tissue constructs as experimental preparations.

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User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
idomian's picture
idomian Ibrahim Domian, M.D., Ph.D. Harvard Stem Cell Institute
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
lscudder's picture
lscudder Lisa L. Scudder, Ph.D. Harvard University
dpasser's picture
dpasser Derek Passer Massachusetts General Hospital
ssheehy's picture
ssheehy Sean Sheehy Harvard University
jnawroth's picture
jnawroth Janna Nawroth Harvard University
pcahan's picture
pcahan Patrick Cahan Children's Hospital Boston
pankaj.mandal's picture
pankaj.mandal Pankaj K. Mandal Boston Children's Hospital
lzangi's picture
lzangi Lior Zangi Harvard Univeristy
dspaeter's picture
dspaeter Daniela Spaeter MGH - CVRC
sjinpark's picture
sjinpark Sung Jin Park Harvard University


Author(s) Title Link
Sheehy, Sean P; Grosberg, Anna; Parker, Kevin Kit The contribution of cellular mechanotransduction to cardiomyocyte form and function view
Sharma, Arun; Wu, Sean M Of fish and men: clonal lineage analysis identifies divergence in myocardial development view
Chien, Kenneth R; Yi, B Alexander; Xu, Huansheng; Mummery, Christine L Cardiomyocyte reprogramming and the new age of cellular alchemy view
Nawroth, Janna C; Lee, Hyungsuk; Feinberg, Adam W; Ripplinger, Crystal M; McCain, Megan L; Grosberg, Anna; Dabiri, John O; Parker, Kevin Kit A tissue-engineered jellyfish with biomimetic propulsion view
Wu, Sean M; Milan, David J Reprogramming the beat: kicking it up a notch view
Chen, Jenny X; Krane, Markus; Deutsch, Marcus-Andre; Wang, Li; Rav-Acha, Moshe; Gregoire, Serge; Engels, Marc C; Rajarajan, Kuppusamy; Karra, Ravi; Abel, E Dale; Wu, Joe C; Milan, David; Wu, Sean M Inefficient reprogramming of fibroblasts into cardiomyocytes using Gata4, Mef2c, and Tbx5 view
Chen, Wen-Pin; Wu, Sean M Small molecule regulators of postnatal Nkx2.5 cardiomyoblast proliferation and differentiation view
Vallaster, Marcus; Vallaster, Caroline Dacwag; Wu, Sean M Epigenetic mechanisms in cardiac development and disease view
Balachandran, Kartik; Alford, Patrick W; Wylie- Sears, Jill; Goss, Josue A; Grosberg, Anna; Bischoff, Joyce; Aikawa, Elena; Levine, Robert A; Parker, Kevin Kit Cyclic strain induces dual-mode endothelialmesenchymal transformation of the cardiac valve view
Wu, Sean M; Hochedlinger, Konrad Harnessing the potential of induced pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine view


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