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Our lab focuses on the developmental pathways and factors that are critical for building the cardiopulmonary system. Using a combination of mouse genetics, biochemistry, and genomic analysis, we seek to better understand how the lung and heart develop, how developmental pathways are disrupted in human cardiopulmonary disease, and whether such pathways and factors can be harnessed to promote pulmonary and cardiac regeneration in the adult.

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Lead Principal Investigator
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
emorrisey's picture
emorrisey Edward E. Morrisey, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
wpear's picture
wpear Warren Pear U Penn
nspeck's picture
nspeck Nancy Speck The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
ctrivedi's picture
ctrivedi Chinmay Trivedi, M.D., Ph.D. University of Massachusetts Medical School
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
amph's picture
amph Amanda Phillips-Yzaguirre University of Pennsylvania
deqli's picture
deqli Deqiang Li University of Pennsylvania
npalpant's picture
npalpant Nathan Palpant University of Washington
jgantz's picture
jgantz Jay Gantz University of Washington
raddis's picture
raddis Russell Addis University of Pennsylvania
ifkovits's picture
ifkovits Jamie Ifkovits, Ph.D. University of Pennsylvania


Author(s) Title Link
Futakuchi-Tsuchida, Akiko; Murry, Charles E Human myocardial grafts: do they meet all the criteria for true heart regeneration? view
Wang, Yi; Tian, Ying; Morley, Michael P; Lu, Min M; Demayo, Francesco J; Olson, Eric N; Morrisey, Edward E Development and Regeneration of Sox2+ Endoderm Progenitors Are Regulated by a HDAC1/2-Bmp4/Rb1 Regulatory Pathway view
Miller, Mayumi F; Cohen, Ethan David; Baggs, Julie E; Hogenesch, John B; Morrisey, Edward E High throughput genomic screen identifies multiple factors that promote cooperative Wnt signaling view
Degenhardt, Karl; Singh, Manvendra K; Epstein, Jonathan A New approaches under development: cardiovascular embryology applied to heart disease view
Paige, Sharon L; Thomas, Sean; Stoick-Cooper, Cristi L; Wang, Hao; Maves, Lisa; Sandstrom, Richard; Pabon, Lil; Reinecke, Hans; Pratt, Gabriel; Keller, Gordon; Moon, Randall T; Stamatoyannopoulos, John; Murry, Charles E A temporal chromatin signature in human embryonic stem cells identifies regulators of cardiac development view
Anokye-Danso, Frederick; Snitow, Melinda; Morrisey, Edward E How microRNAs facilitate reprogramming to pluripotency view
Shiba, Yuji; Fernandes, Sarah; Zhu, Wei-Zhong; Filice, Dominic; Muskheli, Veronica; Kim, Jonathan; Palpant, Nathan J; Gantz, Jay; Moyes, Kara White; Reinecke, Hans; Van Biber, Benjamin; Dardas, Todd; Mignone, John L; Izawa, Atsushi; Hanna, Ramy; Viswanathan, Mohan; Gold, Joseph D; Kotlikoff, Michael I; Sarvazyan, Narine; Kay, Matthew W; Murry, Charles E; Laflamme, Michael A Human ES-cell-derived cardiomyocytes electrically couple and suppress arrhythmias in injured hearts view
Miller, Mayumi F; Cohen, Ethan David; Baggs, Julie E; Lu, Min Min; Hogenesch, John B; Morrisey, Edward E Wnt ligands signal in a cooperative manner to promote foregut organogenesis view
Rentschler, Stacey; Yen, Alberta H; Lu, Jia; Petrenko, Nataliya B; Lu, Min Min; Manderfield, Lauren J; Patel, Vickas V; Fishman, Glenn I; Epstein, Jonathan A Myocardial Notch signaling reprograms cardiomyocytes to a conduction-like phenotype view
Cohen, Ethan David; Miller, Mayumi F; Wang, Zichao; Moon, Randall T; Morrisey, Edward E Wnt5a and Wnt11 are essential for second heart field progenitor development view


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