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The Scadden lab focuses on blood, particularly the regulation of the hematopoietic stem cell by its microenvironment or niche. Using a combination of genetically modified mice, imaging and pharmacology, the laboratory has defined key components of the niche and how stem cells traffic to and engraft the bone marrow. It has demonstrated methods of altering niche interactions that have resulted in two clinical trials in the use of stem cells to treat hematologic malignancies.

Based on understanding mechanisms by which normal stem cells are governed in normal tissues, the laboratory has emphasized the role of the niche in disease. We have demonstrated the primary role the microenvironment can play in disordered tissue homeostasis and the emergence of malignancy.  Further, we have assessed how regulatory programs controlling normal stem cells are altered in the context of malignancy and we are currently examining in vivo competition between normal and malignant cells.  Our goal is to use these insights to inform novel approaches to blood disorders and cancer.

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User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
srandell's picture
srandell Scott Randell, Ph.D. University of North Carolina
clin's picture
clin Charles Lin, Ph.D. Massachusetts General Hospital
jrajagopal's picture
jrajagopal Jay Rajagopal, Ph.D. Harvard Stem Cell Institute
aditadi's picture
aditadi Andrea Ditadi McEwen Centr for Regenerative Medicine
awagers's picture
awagers Amy Wagers Harvard University
ckim's picture
ckim Carla F. Kim, Ph.D. Children's Hospital Boston
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
jlee's picture
jlee Joo-Hyeon Lee Children's Hospital Boston
abecker's picture
abecker Amy M. Becker, Ph.D. Ph.D. Boston Children's Hospital
Vionnie Yu's picture
Vionnie Yu Vionnie Yu Massachusetts General Hospital
fferraro's picture
fferraro Francesca Ferraro Children's Hospital Boston


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