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The long-term maintenance of blood cell production requires that a balance between stem cell replication and differentiation be maintained regardless of the physiological demands for mature, functional cells. Even in cases of extreme hematopoietic demand, exemplified by total body irradiation and stem cell transplantation, a cohort of stem cells will remain undifferentiated, yet presumably divide in order to replenish the stem cell pool. Although the mechanisms responsible for preventing stem cell differentiation have not been identified, studies conducted to understand this phenomenon suggest that regulatory signals involve cellular interactions with direct cell-cell contact as well as indirect interactions mediated by factors or matrix, both of which occur within the marrow microenvironment (ME).

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Lead Principal Investigator
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
btorokst's picture
btorokst Beverly Torok-Storb, Ph.D., M.Ed. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
mfero's picture
mfero Matthew Fero, M.D. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
ppaddison's picture
ppaddison Patrick Paddison, Ph.D. Fred Hutchinson CRC
sheimfeld's picture
sheimfeld Shelly Heimfeld, Ph.D. Fred Hutchinson CRC
David W. Emery's picture
David W. Emery David W. Emery University of Washington
tblau's picture
tblau C. Anthony Blau, M.D. University of Washington, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
suryak's picture
suryak Surya Kotha University of Washington
ebelay's picture
ebelay Eyayu Belay University of Washington
aadams's picture
aadams Amie B. Adams, M.Eng. University of Washington
ramakrishnan's picture
ramakrishnan Aravind Ramakrishnan, M.D. Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center


Author(s) Title Link
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Chen, Xiaoji; Skutt-Kakaria, Kyobi; Davison, Jerry; Ou, Yang-Li; Choi, Edward; Malik, Punam; Loeb, Keith; Wood, Brent; Georges, George; Torok-Storb, Beverly; Paddison, Patrick J G9a/GLP-dependent histone H3K9me2 patterning during human hematopoietic stem cell lineage commitment view
Okazuka, Kiyoshi; Beard, Brian C; Emery, David W; Schwarzwaelder, Kerstin; Spector, Michele R; Sale, George E; von Kalle, Christof; Torok-Storb, Beverly; Kiem, Hans-Peter; Blau, C Anthony Long-term regulation of genetically modified primary hematopoietic cells in dogs. view
Ramakrishnan, Aravind; Torok-Storb, Beverly J The Role of the Marrow Microenvironment in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation view
Pillai MM, Yang X, Balakrishnan I, et al MiR-886-3p Down Regulates CXCL12 (SDF1) Expression in Human Marrow Stromal Cells view
Ramakrishnan A, Torok-Storb BJ The Role of the Marrow Microenvironment in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation view
Okazuka K, Beard BC, Emery DW, et al Long-term Regulation of Genetically Modified Primary Hematopoietic Cells in Dogs view
Chen X, Skutt-Kakaria K, Davison J, et al G9a/GLP-dependent Histone H3K9me2 Patterning During Human Hematopoietic Stem Cell Lineage Commitment view
Yang X, Balakrishnan I, Torok-Storb B, et al Marrow Stromal Cell Infusion Rescues Hematopoiesis in Lethally Irradiated Mice Despite Rapid Clearance After Infusion view
Chong JJ, Reinecke H, Iwata M, et al Progenitor Cells Identified by PDGFR-alpha Expression in the Developing and Diseased Human Heart view


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