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Dr. Thomson has conducted pioneering work in the isolation and culture of non-human primate and human embryonic stem cells—undifferentiated cells that can proliferate without limit and have the ability to become any of the differentiated cells of the body. Human ES cells are broadly enabling research tools that allow unprecedented access to the cellular components of the human body, with applications in basic research, drug discovery, and transplantation medicine. Dr. Thomson directed the group that reported the first isolation of embryonic stem cell lines from a non-human primate in 1995, work that led his group to the first successful isolation of human embryonic stem cell lines in 1998. Dr. Thomson's group has subsequently been involved in demonstrating the developmental potential of human ES cells in lineage-specific differentiation (such as blood, trophoblast, neural tissue, and heart) in collaborative efforts with U.W. physician-scientists. The current focus of his laboratory is on understanding how ES cells can form any cell in the body (pluripotency); how an ES cell chooses between self-renewal and the initial decision to differentiate; and how a differentiated cell with limited developmental potential can be reprogrammed to a pluripotent cell.

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Principal Investigator
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
jthomson's picture
jthomson James A. Thomson, M.D., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
tkamp's picture
tkamp Timothy Kamp, M.D., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
islukvin's picture
islukvin Igor Slukvin, M.D., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
jianhua's picture
jianhua Jianhua Zhang, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
akropornicka's picture
akropornicka Anna Kropornicka University of Wisconsin-Madison
guenishi's picture
guenishi Gene Uenishi Univeristy of Wisconsin
mbiermann's picture
mbiermann Mitchell Biermann, Ph.D. University of Wisconsin
pjiang8's picture
pjiang8 Peng Jiang University of Wisconsin
hkang's picture
hkang Hyun Jun Kang, Ph.D. UW-Madison
puranik's picture
puranik Amrutesh Puranik, Ph.D. Mayo Clinic


Author(s) Title Link
Lian, Xiaojun; Zhang, Jianhua; Azarin, Samira M; Zhu, Kexian; Hazeltine, Laurie B; Bao, Xiaoping; Hsiao, Cheston; Kamp, Timothy J; Palecek, Sean P Directed cardiomyocyte differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells by modulating Wnt/ýý-catenin signaling under fully defined conditions view
Yang, Allen H J; Soh, H Tom Acoustophoretic sorting of viable mammalian cells in a microfluidic device view
Zhang, Jianhua; Klos, Matthew; Wilson, Gisela F; Herman, Amanda M; Lian, Xiaojun; Raval, Kunil K; Barron, Matthew R; Hou, Luqia; Soerens, Andrew G; Yu, Junying; Palecek, Sean P; Lyons, Gary E; Thomson, James A; Herron, Todd J; Jalife, Jose; Kamp, Timothy J Extracellular matrix promotes highly efficient cardiac differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells: the matrix sandwich method view
Choi, Kyung-Dal; Vodyanik, Maxim A; Togarrati, Padma Priya; Suknuntha, Kran; Kumar, Akhilesh; Samarjeet, Fnu; Probasco, Mitchell D; Tian, Shulan; Stewart, Ron; Thomson, James A; Slukvin, Igor I Identification of the hemogenic endothelial progenitor and its direct precursor in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation cultures view
Mummery, Christine L; Zhang, Jianhua; Ng, Elizabeth S; Elliott, David A; Elefanty, Andrew G; Kamp, Timothy J Differentiation of human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells to cardiomyocytes: a methods overview view
Lian, Xiaojun; Hsiao, Cheston; Wilson, Gisela; Zhu, Kexian; Hazeltine, Laurie B; Azarin, Samira M; Raval, Kunil K; Zhang, Jianhua; Kamp, Timothy J; Palecek, Sean P Robust cardiomyocyte differentiation from human pluripotent stem cells via temporal modulation of canonical Wnt signaling view
Wang, Jinpeng; Rudzinski, Joseph F; Gong, Qiang; Soh, H Tom; Atzberger, Paul J Influence of target concentration and background binding on in vitro selection of affinity reagents view
Cai, Weibo; Zhang, Yin; Kamp, Timothy J Imaging of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells: From Cellular Reprogramming to Transplantation view
Anson, B D; Kolaja, K L; Kamp, T J Opportunities for use of human iPS cells in predictive toxicology view
Kamp, Timothy J An electrifying iPSC disease model: long QT syndrome type 2 and heart cells in a dish view


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