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Dr. Mortimer Poncz leads Hub Site 01 located at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP). His research efforts focus on the megakaryocyte-platelet-thrombus axis.  The process by which hematopoietic stem cells differentiate into megakaryocytes, which then release platelets and the function of platelets in thrombosis and inflammation are the central foci of my laboratory.  Many of the studies focus on the biology and pathobiology of the platelet-specific proteins, chemokines Platelet Factor 4 (PF4)/Platelet Basic Protein (PBP) and the integrin alphaIIb/beta3 receptor.

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Principal Investigator
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
mponcz's picture
mponcz Mortimer Poncz, M.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
mweiss's picture
mweiss Mitchell Weiss, M.D., Ph.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
pgadue's picture
pgadue Paul Gadue, Ph.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
ssullivan's picture
ssullivan Spencer Sullivan, M.D. CHOP
dfrench's picture
dfrench Deborah French, Ph.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Post-Doctoral Fellow/Trainee
User Name Full Name Institutional Affilication
lalit's picture
lalit Pratik Lalit University of Wisconsin
karenvo's picture
karenvo Karen Vo University of Pennsylvania
simxiuli's picture
simxiuli Xiuli Sim The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
rlyde's picture
rlyde Randolph B. Lyde University of Pennsylvania
oshemer's picture
oshemer Orna Steinberg Shemer, M.D., M.Sc. The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia


Author(s) Title Link
Ono, Yukako; Wang, Yuhuan; Suzuki, Hidenori; Okamoto, Shinichiro; Ikeda, Yasuo; Murata, Mitsuru; Poncz, Mortimer; Matsubara, Yumiko Induction of functional platelets from mouse and human fibroblasts by p45NF-E2/Maf view
Meng, Ronghua; Wang, Yuhuan; Yao, Yu; Zhang, Zhe; Harper, Dawn C; Heijnen, Harry F G; Sitaram, Anand; Li, Wei; Raposo, Graca; Weiss, Mitchell J; Poncz, Mortimer; Marks, Michael S SLC35D3 delivery from megakaryocyte early endosomes is required for platelet dense granule biogenesis and is differentially defective in Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome models. view
Chou, Stella T; Byrska- Bishop, Marta; Tober, Joanna M; Yao, Yu; Vandorn, Daniel; Opalinska, Joanna B; Mills, Jason A; Choi, John Kim; Speck, Nancy A; Gadue, Paul; Hardison, Ross C; Nemiroff, Richard L; French, Deborah L; Weiss, Mitchell J Trisomy 21-associated defects in human primitive hematopoiesis revealed through induced pluripotent stem cells view
Fuentes, Rudy; Wang, Yuhuan; Hirsch, Jessica; Wang, Cheng; Rauova, Lubica; Worthen, G Scott; Kowalska, M Anna; Poncz, Mortimer Infusion of mature megakaryocytes into mice yields functional platelets view

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