Generation of multipotent induced cardiac progenitor cells from mouse fibroblasts and potency testing in ex vivo mouse embryos

Drs. Timothy Kamp, Pratik Lalit, Adriana Rodriguez, and Karen Downs share a protocol that generates induced cardiac progenitor cells (iCPCs) from mouse adult fibroblasts using forced expression of Mesp1, Tbx5, Gata4, Nkx2.5 and Baf60c (MTGNB) along with Wnt and JAK/STAT signaling. [20April2017 Nature Protocols]

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Experimental design. Illustration depicting various steps and stages in reprogramming adult mouse fibroblasts into iCPCs, characterization of iCPCs and potency testing in vitro, as well as in mouse embryos. CM, cardiomyocyte; EC, endothelial cell; SM, smooth muscle cell.


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