Epigenetic memory in induced pluripotent stem cells

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07-Irving Weissman
Kim, K; Doi, A; Wen, B; Ng, K; Zhao, R; Cahan, P; Kim, J; Aryee, M J; Ji, H; Ehrlich, L I R; Yabuuchi, A; Takeuchi, A; Cunniff, K C; Hongguang, H; McKinney- Freeman, S; Naveiras, O; Yoon, T J; Irizarry, R A; Jung, N; Seita, J; Hanna, J; Murakami, P; Jaenisch, R; Weissleder, R; Orkin, S H; Weissman, I L; Feinberg, A P; Daley, G Q
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Original Research Article
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