Consortium Investigators

The goal of the PCBC principal investigators is to identify and characterize progenitor cell lineages, to direct the differentiation of stem and progenitor cells to desired cell fates, and to develop new strategies to address the unique challenges presented by the transplantation of these cells. For information on specific research goals, check out one of our research groups.

aadams's picture
Amie B. Adams, M.Eng.
raddis's picture
Russell Addis
jallred's picture
Jeremy Allred
gaporada's picture
Graca Almeida-Porada
yensin.ang's picture
Yen-Sin Ang
mlantony's picture
Marie Lue Antony
arreola's picture
Amanda Arreola
aatmanli's picture
Ayhan Atmanli
baikx011's picture
June Baik
sbanerje's picture
Sulagna Banerjee
rbduby's picture
Rhonda Bassel-Duby
sbaylin's picture
Stephen Baylin, M.D.
abecker's picture
Amy M. Becker, Ph.D. Ph.D.
ebelay's picture
Eyayu Belay
kaberes's picture
Kaytlyn Beres
ibernstein's picture
Irwin D. Bernstein, M.D.
Emily.Berry's picture
Emily Berry
mbiermann's picture
Mitchell Biermann, Ph.D.
hblau's picture
Helen Blau, Ph.D.
kbowlin's picture
Kathy Bowlin
dbravo's picture
Dawn Bravo, Ph.D.
jbylund's picture
Jeffery Bylund
acadar's picture
Adrian Cadar
Jose Cancelas's picture
Jose A. Cancelas, M.D., Ph.D.
fcar's picture
Fabian Cardenas
chazchan's picture
Charles K. Chan
schan's picture
Sunny Chan
palas2004's picture
Palas Chanda
yc2842's picture
Ya-Wen Chen
jchen2's picture
Jinyu Chen
schou's picture
Stella Chou, M.D.
cchristodoulou's picture
Constantina Christodoulou, PhD
ychun's picture
Young Wook Chun, Ph.D.
jchurko's picture
Jared Churko, Ph.D.
raedunc's picture
Raedun Clarke, Ph.D.
ocleaver's picture
Ondine Cleaver
jcooke's picture
John P. Cooke, M.D., Ph.D.
kcordes's picture
Kim Cordes, Ph.D.
mcortes's picture
Marina Cortes
pcuadro's picture
Peggy Cuadro


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