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Welcome to the NHLBI PCBC Administrative Coordinating Center.

The NHLBI Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium Administrative Coordinating Center (PCACC) has the operational areas: general administration responsible for coordinating the subcontracts and proposals; facilitating scheduling of consortium meetings and timelines; administrative organization of consortium documents; computer systems responsible for PCBC website and data management in Live Link; and biological information systems coordination of website content.

The PCACC team at the University of Maryland, School of Medicine includes: project investigators: Michael L. Terrin (PI; project lead), Michael J. McCreery (Co-I; Live Link project data), and Lynn M. Schriml (Co-I; website) and project administrators: Andrea Lefever and Ling Tang (Communications Coordinators and website content); and Liz Casher (Finance Coordinator).

Please contact PCACC regarding any Progenitor Cell Biology Consortium administrative services at

Principal Investigator
User Name Full Name Institute Affiliation Topic tags People tags
Michael Terrin's picture
Michael Terrin Michael L. Terrin, M.D., C.M., M.P.H. University of Maryland
Administrative Coordinator
User Name Full Name Institute Affiliation Topic tags People tags
Jewell Baker's picture
Jewell Baker Jewell Baker CALIBRE
lcasher's picture
lcasher Elizabeth Casher University of Maryland, Baltimore
alefever's picture
alefever Andrea Lefever University of Maryland
Amy Plank's picture
Amy Plank Amy Plank CALIBRE
ltang's picture
ltang Ling Tang University of Maryland

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