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Cherry, Anne B C; Gagne, Katelyn E; McLoughlin, Erin M; Baccei, Anna; Gorman, Bryan; Hartung, Odelya; Miller, Justine D; Zhang, Jin; Zon, Rebecca L; Ince, Tan A; Neufeld, Ellis J; Lerou, Paul H; Fleming, Mark D; Daley, George Q; Agarwal, Suneet Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells with a Pathological Mitochondrial DNA Deletion 08-George Daley
Morris, Samantha A; Daley, George Q A blueprint for engineering cell fate: current technologies to reprogram cell identity 08-George Daley
Shyh-Chang, Ng; Locasale, Jason W; Lyssiotis, Costas A; Zheng, Yuxiang; Teo, Ren Yi; Ratanasirintrawoot, Sutheera; Zhang, Jin; Onder, Tamer; Unternaehrer, Juli J; Zhu, Hao; Asara, John M; Daley, George Q; Cantley, Lewis C Influence of threonine metabolism on Sadenosylmethionine and histone methylation 08-George Daley
Cherry, Anne B C; Daley, George Q Reprogrammed cells for disease modeling and regenerative medicine 08-George Daley
Kim, Peter Geon; Albacker, Colleen E; Lu, Yi-fen; Jang, Ilho; Lim, Yoowon; Heffner, Garrett C; Arora, Natasha; Bowman, Teresa V; Lin, Michelle I; Lensch, M William; De Los Angeles, Alejandro; Zon, Leonard I; Loewer, Sabine; Daley, George Q Signaling axis involving Hedgehog, Notch, and Scl promotes the embryonic endothelialto- hematopoietic transition 08-George Daley
Zhang, Jin; Nuebel, Esther; Daley, George Q; Koehler, Carla M; Teitell, Michael A Metabolic Regulation in Pluripotent Stem Cells during Reprogramming and Self-Renewal 08-George Daley
McKinney-Freeman, Shannon; Cahan, Patrick; Li, Hu; Lacadie, Scott A; Huang, Hsuan-Ting; Curran, Matthew; Loewer, Sabine; Naveiras, Olaia; Kathrein, Katie L; Konantz, Martina; Langdon, Erin M; Lengerke, Claudia; Zon, Leonard I; Collins, James J; Daley, George Q The transcriptional landscape of hematopoietic stem cell ontogeny 08-George Daley
Maclean, Glenn A; Menne, Tobias F; Guo, Guoji; Sanchez, Danielle J; Park, In- Hyun; Daley, George Q; Orkin, Stuart H Altered hematopoiesis in trisomy 21 as revealed through in vitro differentiation of isogenic human pluripotent cells 08-George Daley
Onder, Tamer T; Daley, George Q New lessons learned from disease modeling with induced pluripotent stem cells 08-George Daley
Lengerke, Claudia; Daley, George Q Caudal genes in blood development and leukemia 08-George Daley
Muller, Lars U W; Milsom, Michael D; Harris, Chad E; Vyas, Rutesh; Brumme, Kristina M; Parmar, Kalindi; Moreau, Lisa A; Schambach, Axel; Park, In-Hyun; London, Wendy B; Strait, Kelly; Schlaeger, Thorsten; Devine, Alexander L; Grassman, Elke; D'Andrea, Alan; Daley, George Q; Williams, David A Overcoming reprogramming resistance of Fanconi anemia cells 08-George Daley
Daley, George Q The promise and perils of stem cell therapeutics 08-George Daley
Ganis, Jared J; Hsia, Nelson; Trompouki, Eirini; de Jong, Jill L O; DiBiase, Anthony; Lambert, Janelle S; Jia, Zhiying; Sabo, Peter J; Weaver, Molly; Sandstrom, Richard; Stamatoyannopoulos, John A; Zhou, Yi; Zon, Leonard I Zebrafish globin switching occurs in two developmental stages and is controlled by the LCR 08-George Daley
Arora, Natasha; Daley, George Q Pluripotent stem cells in research and treatment of hemoglobinopathies 08-George Daley
Onder, Tamer T; Kara, Nergis; Cherry, Anne; Sinha, Amit U; Zhu, Nan; Bernt, Kathrin M; Cahan, Patrick; Marcarci, B Ogan; Unternaehrer, Juli; Gupta, Piyush B; Lander, Eric S; Armstrong, Scott A; Daley, George Q Chromatin-modifying enzymes as modulators of reprogramming 08-George Daley
Taylor, Alison M; Humphries, Jessica M; White, Richard M; Murphey, Ryan D; Burns, Caroline E; Zon, Leonard I Hematopoietic defects in rps29 mutant zebrafish depend upon p53 activation 08-George Daley
Xu, Cong; Fan, Zi Peng; Muller, Patrick; Fogley, Rachel; DiBiase, Anthony; Trompouki, Eirini; Unternaehrer, Juli; Xiong, Fengzhu; Torregroza, Ingrid; Evans, Todd; Megason, Sean G; Daley, George Q; Schier, Alexander F; Young, Richard A; Zon, Leonard I Nanog-like regulates endoderm formation through the Mxtx2-Nodal pathway 08-George Daley
Cherry, Anne B C; Daley, George Q Reprogramming cellular identity for regenerative medicine 08-George Daley
He, Aibin; Ma, Qing; Cao, Jingjing; von Gise, Alexander; Zhou, Pingzhu; Xie, Huafeng; Zhang, Bing; Hsing, Michael; Christodoulou, Danos C; Cahan, Patrick; Daley, George Q; Kong, Sek Won; Orkin, Stuart H; Seidman, Christine E; Seidman, Jonathan G; Pu, William T Polycomb repressive complex 2 regulates normal development of the mouse heart 08-George Daley
Robinton, Daisy A; Daley, George Q The promise of induced pluripotent stem cells in research and therapy 08-George Daley
Loh, Yuin-Han; Yang, Jimmy Chen; De Los Angeles, Alejandro; Guo, Chunguang; Cherry, Anne; Rossi, Derrick J; Park, In-Hyun; Daley, George Q Excision of a viral reprogramming cassette by delivery of synthetic Cre mRNA 08-George Daley
Kim, Kitai; Zhao, Rui; Doi, Akiko; Ng, Kitwa; Unternaehrer, Juli; Cahan, Patrick; Huo, Hongguang; Loh, Yuin-Han; Aryee, Martin J; Lensch, M William; Li, Hu; Collins, James J; Feinberg, Andrew P; Daley, George Q Donor cell type can influence the epigenome and differentiation potential of human induced pluripotent stem cells 08-George Daley
Trompouki, Eirini; Bowman, Teresa V; Lawton, Lee N; Fan, Zi Peng; Wu, Dai-Chen; DiBiase, Anthony; Martin, Corey S; Cech, Jennifer N; Sessa, Anna K; Leblanc, Jocelyn L; Li, Pulin; Durand, Ellen M; Mosimann, Christian; Heffner, Garrett C; Daley, George Q; Paulson, Robert F; Young, Richard A; Zon, Leonard I Lineage regulators direct BMP and Wnt pathways to cell-specific programs during differentiation and regeneration 08-George Daley
Loh, Yuin-Han; Yang, Lin; Yang, Jimmy Chen; Li, Hu; Collins, James J; Daley, George Q Genomic approaches to deconstruct pluripotency 08-George Daley
Unternaehrer, Juli J; Daley, George Q Induced pluripotent stem cells for modelling human diseases 08-George Daley
Zhu, Hao; Lensch, M William; Cahan, Patrick; Daley, George Q Investigating monogenic and complex diseases with pluripotent stem cells 08-George Daley
Bandukwala, Hozefa S; Wu, Yongqing; Feuerer, Markus; Chen, Yongheng; Barboza, Bianca; Ghosh, Srimoyee; Stroud, James C; Benoist, Christophe; Mathis, Diane; Rao, Anjana; Chen, Lin Structure of a domainswapped FOXP3 dimer on DNA and its function in regulatory T cells 08-George Daley
Gore, Athurva; Li, Zhe; Fung, Ho-Lim; Young, Jessica E; Agarwal, Suneet; Antosiewicz- Bourget, Jessica; Canto, Isabel; Giorgetti, Alessandra; Israel, Mason A; Kiskinis, Evangelos; Lee, Je-Hyuk; Loh, Yuin-Han; Manos, Philip D; Montserrat, Nuria; Panopoulos, Athanasia D; Ruiz, Sergio; Wilbert, Melissa L; Yu, Junying; Kirkness, Ewen F; Izpisua Belmonte, Juan Carlos; Rossi, Derrick J; Thomson, James A; Eggan, Kevin; Daley, George Q; Goldstein, Lawrence S B; Zhang, Kun Somatic coding mutations in human induced pluripotent stem cells 08-George Daley
Koh, Kian Peng; Yabuuchi, Akiko; Rao, Sridhar; Huang, Yun; Cunniff, Kerrianne; Nardone, Julie; Laiho, Asta; Tahiliani, Mamta; Sommer, Cesar A; Mostoslavsky, Gustavo; Lahesmaa, Riitta; Orkin, Stuart H; Rodig, Scott J; Daley, George Q; Rao, Anjana Tet1 and Tet2 regulate 5-hydroxymethylcytosine production and cell lineage specification in mouse embryonic stem cells 08-George Daley
Warren, Luigi; Manos, Philip D; Ahfeldt, Tim; Loh, Yuin- Han; Li, Hu; Lau, Frank; Ebina, Wataru; Mandal, Pankaj K; Smith, Zachary D; Meissner, Alexander; Daley, George Q; Brack, Andrew S; Collins, James J; Cowan, Chad; Schlaeger, Thorsten M; Rossi, Derrick J Highly efficient reprogramming to pluripotency and directed differentiation of human cells with synthetic modified mRNA 08-George Daley
Loh, Yuin-Han; Hartung, Odelya; Li, Hu; Guo, Chunguang; Sahalie, Julie M; Manos, Philip D; Urbach, Achia; Heffner, Garrett C; Grskovic, Marica; Vigneault, Francois; Lensch, M William; Park, In-Hyun; Agarwal, Suneet; Church, George M; Collins, James J; Irion, Stefan; Daley, George Q Reprogramming of T cells from human peripheral blood 08-George Daley
Tulpule, Asmin; Lensch, M William; Miller, Justine D; Austin, Karyn; D'Andrea, Alan; Schlaeger, Thorsten M; Shimamura, Akiko; Daley, George Q Knockdown of Fanconi anemia genes in human embryonic stem cells reveals early developmental defects in the hematopoietic lineage 08-George Daley
Agarwal, Suneet; Loh, Yuin- Han; McLoughlin, Erin M; Huang, Junjiu; Park, In-Hyun; Miller, Justine D; Huo, Hongguang; Okuka, Maja; Dos Reis, Rosana Maria; Loewer, Sabine; Ng, Huck-Hui; Keefe, David L; Goldman, Frederick D; Klingelhutz, Aloysius J; Liu, Lin; Daley, George Q Telomere elongation in induced pluripotent stem cells from dyskeratosis congenita patients 08-George Daley
Wang, Aijun; Tang, Zhenyu; Park, In-Hyun; Zhu, Yiqian; Patel, Shyam; Daley, George Q; Li, Song Induced pluripotent stem cells for neural tissue engineering 08-George Daley
Pessach, Itai M; Ordovas- Montanes, Jose; Zhang, Shen-Ying; Casanova, Jean- Laurent; Giliani, Silvia; Gennery, Andrew R; Al-Herz, Waleed; Manos, Philip D; Schlaeger, Thorsten M; Park, In-Hyun; Rucci, Francesca; Agarwal, Suneet; Mostoslavsky, Gustavo; Daley, George Q; Notarangelo, Luigi D Induced pluripotent stem cells: a novel frontier in the study of human primary immunodeficiencies 08-George Daley
Sergei Doulatov1,2,*,†, Drug Discovery for Diamond-Blackfan Anemia Using Reprogrammed Hematopoietic Progenitors 08-George Daley
Zhu, Jiang; Adli, Mazhar; Zou, James Y; Verstappen, Griet; Coyne, Michael; Zhang, Xiaolan; Durham, Timothy; Miri, Mohammad; Deshpande, Vikram; De Jager, Philip L; Bennett, David A; Houmard, Joseph A; Muoio, Deborah M; Onder, Tamer T; Camahort, Ray; Cowan, Chad A; Meissner, Alexander; Epstein, Charles B; Shoresh, Noam; Bernstein, Bradley E Genome-wide chromatin state transitions associated with developmental and environmental cues 09-Irwin Bernstein
Hadland, Brandon K; Bernstein, Irwin D Visualizing human ESC-derived hematopoiesis 09-Irwin Bernstein
James, Richard G; Davidson, Kathryn C; Bosch, Katherine A; Biechele, Travis L; Robin, Nicholas C; Taylor, Russell J; Major, Michael B; Camp, Nathan D; Fowler, Kerry; Martins, Timothy J; Moon, Randall T WIKI4, a novel inhibitor of tankyrase and Wnt/ýý-catenin signaling 09-Irwin Bernstein
Abdel-Wahab, Omar; Adli, Mazhar; LaFave, Lindsay M; Gao, Jie; Hricik, Todd; Shih, Alan H; Pandey, Suveg; Patel, Jay P; Chung, Young Rock; Koche, Richard; Perna, Fabiana; Zhao, Xinyang; Taylor, Jordan E; Park, Christopher Y; Carroll, Martin; Melnick, Ari; Nimer, Stephen D; Jaffe, Jacob D; Aifantis, Iannis; Bernstein, Bradley E; Levine, Ross L ASXL1 mutations promote myeloid transformation through loss of PRC2-mediated gene repression 09-Irwin Bernstein
Parker, Maura H; Loretz, Carol; Tyler, Ashlee E; Duddy, William J; Hall, John K; Olwin, Bradley B; Bernstein, Irwin D; Storb, Rainer; Tapscott, Stephen J Activation of Notch signaling during ex vivo expansion maintains donor muscle cell engraftment 09-Irwin Bernstein
Kennedy, Marion; Awong, Geneve; Sturgeon, Christopher M; Ditadi, Andrea; LaMotte-Mohs, Ross; Zuniga-Pflucker, Juan Carlos; Keller, Gordon T lymphocyte potential marks the emergence of definitive hematopoietic progenitors in human pluripotent stem cell differentiation cultures 09-Irwin Bernstein
Dahlberg, Ann; Delaney, Colleen; Bernstein, Irwin D Ex vivo expansion of human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells 09-Irwin Bernstein
Huang, Ngan F; Okogbaa, Janet; Lee, Jerry C; Jha, Arshi; Zaitseva, Tatiana S; Paukshto, Michael V; Sun, John S; Punjya, Niraj; Fuller, Gerald G; Cooke, John P The modulation of endothelial cell morphology, function, and survival using anisotropic nanofibrillar collagen scaffolds 10-John Cooke
Huang, Ngan F; Lai, Edwina S; Ribeiro, Alexandre J S; Pan, Stephen; Pruitt, Beth L; Fuller, Gerald G; Cooke, John P Spatial patterning of endothelium modulates cell morphology, adhesiveness and transcriptional signature 10-John Cooke
Bhutani, Nidhi; Decker, Matthew N; Brady, Jennifer J; Bussat, Rose T; Burns, David M; Corbel, Stephane Y; Blau, Helen M A critical role for AID in the initiation of reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem cells 10-John Cooke
Cooke, John P Therapeutic transdifferentiation: a novel approach for vascular disease 10-John Cooke
Huo, Jeffrey S; Zambidis, Elias T Pivots of pluripotency: the roles of non-coding RNA in regulating embryonic and induced pluripotent stem cells 10-John Cooke
Wen, Yan; Wani, Prachi; Zhou, Lu; Baer, Tom; Phadnis, Smruti Madan; Reijo Pera, Renee A; Chen, Bertha Reprogramming of fibroblasts from older women with pelvic floor disorders alters cellular behavior associated with donor age 10-John Cooke
Rufaihah, Abdul Jalil; Huang, Ngan F; Kim, Jeanna; Herold, Joerg; Volz, Katharina S; Park, Tea Soon; Lee, Jerry C; Zambidis, Elias T; Reijo-Pera, Renee; Cooke, John P Human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells exhibit functional heterogeneity 10-John Cooke


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