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Member Role: Affiliated Investigator
Picture Full Name and Degrees Institutional affiliation Research hub
bconklin's picture
Bruce R. Conklin, M.D. Gladstone Institutes iPS Cells in Heart Disease
scorbel's picture
Stephane Corbel Stanford University Consortium Investigators
ccowan's picture
Chad Cowan, Ph.D. Harvard University, Stem Cell Institute Microenvironmental Control of Progenitors
tdesai's picture
Tushar Desai, M.D., M.P.H. Stanford University Progenitor Cells and their Niches
pdexheimer's picture
Phillip Dexheimer CCHMC Bioinformatics Committee
ndiep's picture
Nga Diep, M.S. Houston Methodist Research Institute
dutto015's picture
James Dutton University of Minnesota
jepstein's picture
Jonathan Epstein, M.D. University of Pennsylvania Wnt and Notch Progenitor Expansion
gerwin's picture
Graham Erwin University of Wisconsin Consortium Investigators
lhfang's picture
Longhou Fang, PhD Houston Methodist Research Hospital HS10 - Cooke Hub Site


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