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Member Role: Co-PI/Co-Investigator
Picture Full Name and Degrees Institutional affiliation Research hub
pgadue's picture
Paul Gadue, Ph.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ESC Platelet Therapeutics
Gregory Grabowski's picture
Gregory A. Grabowski, M.D. CCHMC Cell Characterization Core
Elke Grassman's picture
Elke Grassman, Ph.D., HCLD CCHMC Cell Characterization Core
sheimfeld's picture
Shelly Heimfeld, Ph.D. Fred Hutchinson CRC ESC Platelet Therapeutics
chong's picture
Charles C. Hong, M.D., Ph.D. Vanderbilt University Stem Cell Use in Heart Repair
Anil Jegga's picture
Anil G. Jegga CCHMC Cell Characterization Core
tkamp's picture
Timothy Kamp, M.D., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison Programming and Reprogramming: CV and HSC Fate
mkay's picture
Mark Kay, M.D., Ph.D. Stanford iPS Cells in Heart Disease
Mehdi Keddache's picture
Mehdi A. Keddache CCHMC Cell Characterization Core
ckim's picture
Carla F. Kim, Ph.D. Children's Hospital Boston Microenvironmental Control of Progenitors


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