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Picture Full Name and Degrees Institutional affiliation Research hub
gdaley's picture
George Q. Daley, M.D., Ph.D. Children's Hospital Boston iPS and Progenitor Cell Models
afriedman's picture
Alan D. Friedman, M.D. Johns Hopkins University iPSC Hematologic and Vascular Therapies
Punam Malik's picture
Punam Malik, M.D. CCHMC Cell Characterization Core
jmetzger's picture
Joseph Metzger, Ph.D. University of Minnesota Programming and Reprogramming: CV and HSC Fate
mponcz's picture
Mortimer Poncz, M.D. Children's Hospital of Philadelphia ESC Platelet Therapeutics
jschneider's picture
Jay W. Schneider, M.D., Ph.D. UT Southwestern Medical Center Microenvironmental Control of Progenitors
Michael Terrin's picture
Michael L. Terrin, M.D., C.M., M.P.H. University of Maryland Administrative Coordinating Center
jthomson's picture
James A. Thomson, M.D., Ph.D. University of Wisconsin Programming and Reprogramming: CV and HSC Fate
iweissman's picture
Irving Weissman, M.D. Stanford University Progenitor Cells and their Niches
joewu's picture
Joseph Wu, M.D., Ph.D. Stanford-Gladstone iPS Cells in Heart Disease


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